What is your style of wedding photography?

I would say that my style of photography is a mixture of photo journalism/documentary photography and creative portraiture. I photograph to tell a story of your day, with minimal intrusion so you can relax. I love taking beautiful portraits of clients before the ceremony and then after the ceremony during the creative shoot, but I also thrive off taking documentary images. In my opinion true unposed documentary images are those that are totally unscripted and that happen during the real part of the day. They are the images that happen when the photographer is capturing all the moments of the day without having any control over the situation. They are the moments that happen when your Mom starts crying when she first sees you in your wedding dress, the look on your partner’s face when they first see you at the church, the flower girls falling asleep at the table during the reception and your best friend pulling moves on the dance floor. A good documentary wedding photographer will be there to unobtrusively capture all those special moments!

Do you work with an assistant?

This very much depends on the wedding, venue and each couple. I work with my lovely wife and she is a huge help during shoots.

Do you and your assistant require a place to sit at the wedding reception?

Yes. After 6- 8 hours of shooting we definitely need somewhere to rest our feet whilst having a hot meal.

My wedding photographs are really very important to me, what advice would you give to me so I can plan my day with photography in mind?

Check out this articles I wrote here .

How long will it take to get the images ?

On average approximately 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the time of year, size and style of your wedding, Every image I present to you is of the highest quality and every image receives a lot of love in the digital darkroom.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

How do we hire you?

A signed contract and a retainer of 20% of the package value will secure your date.

When is the balance due?

Outstanding balance is to be paid when I deliver your photographs and albums.

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